Alpha-Stim Hire Service

Hire an Alpha-Stim from as little as £25 plus VAT per week for a maximum period of 8 weeks. This gives you the opportunity to trial the device to see if it is the right product for you and simply return when you don’t want to continue – no strings attached



Alpha-Stim AID

Weekly Cost – £25 plus VAT

Alpha-Stim M

Weekly Cost – £45 plus VAT

If you wish to proceed with the hire service, please complete the online hire form below

  • Alpha-Stim Model
  • Name
  • Address
  • Phone Number
  • Email Address
  • Date
    DD slash MM slash YYYY

In order for us to process the initial payment and future weekly payments, please contact us on 01487 208041 with your payment details to complete the information required.

If you have a clinically diagnosed condition, you would not be liable to the VAT on the hire payments. No doctors note or copy of prescription is required, simply complete the minimal details on the following page on our website and submit the self-declaration

VAT Relief Form

We do advise electrotherapy does not work for everyone, thus the rental option gives you this chance to see if it works for you whilst not committing fully to a purchase. However being researched over 140 times and successfully trialled by the NHS with FDA clearance in the US for Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression & Pain, it is clinically proven.

Should the user consider to purchase fully after the period, 50% of the total rental amount paid will be applied as a discount on the new device as a gesture for using the hire service.

Please note that the Alpha-Stim hire service is only available to UK residents

Terms & Conditions

  • The hire agreement is for 1 Alpha-Stim AID to Recipient for a cost of £25 a week plus Vat of £5 (where applicable) and £11.95 delivery (where applicable). 
  • The weekly installments will begin a week from the date of the delivery, and will recur until the user makes contact with us expressing interest to return the unit or to exchange for a new one. The unit used during the hire is not available for purchase.
  • The Alpha-Stim AID covered by the agreement above will be received by Recipient in good condition from TMSL and remains TMSL’s property with assurance of TMSL’s right of recovery with or without due process of law.
  • The Recipient acknowledges that the Alpha-Stim AID hereby rented is for the Recipient sole benefit and in the event of loss of or damage to the unit or the theft or destruction of the unit the Recipient shall be liable to and shall immediately pay TMSL £599, for the Alpha-Stim AID at the time of loss, damage or theft.
  • The Recipient agrees to exercise normal care in the handling and operation of the Alpha-Stim.
  • The Recipient agrees to return the product to our office address via signed delivery.
  • If the Alpha-Stim AID is not returned in good condition by the end of the period stated above, TMSL will bill Recipient for the amount indicated above using the card details provided at the start of this agreement.
  • Should you wish to proceed to purchasing an Alpha-Stim AID outright, 50% of the total hire payments will be deducted as a gesture (discount does not apply to refurbished units) . Please contact us on 01487 208041 to do go through with this, will not be redeemable through any other sellers.