Company Overview

Official Master Distributor of Alpha-Stim in the UK since 2007

We are pioneers of microcurrent technology in Europe, bringing you the latest and most advanced products in the field of healthcare.

All the products we offer have undergone extensive testing, study and research and have already provided relief to millions of people worldwide.

We attribute our success to two important qualities. First is the high effectiveness of Alpha-Stim® Microcurrent technology on a wide variety of conditions. Second and perhaps most importantly is the personal care and attention given to each and every customer. People usually inquire about our technology due to personal health related problems or that of loved ones; they are often in great pain or distress and therefore, are not at their best. We at The Microcurrent Site realise that this is a time when people need extra personal care and attention.

Together with our associates, who are highly qualified in their field, we are able to offer excellent advice and customer service covering the different ranges of our products.  In addition we offer a fast delivery service and a Money Back Guarantee on both the Alpha-Stim® M and Alpha-Stim® AID.

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With our highly-trained expert personnel, we strive to ensure that our customers are aware of the appropriate applications of our technology, as well as achieving optimal results through frequent contact.

We are happy only when our customers are fully satisfied and have resumed the best possible quality-of-life available to them.

Rarely does a day go by when we are not rewarded with phone calls, letters or emails from users of Alpha-Stim® technology, thanking us for what seem like miracles after being relieved from so much suffering. Those of us working at The Microcurrent Site hear the word “miracle” so often we are tempted to expect it. But electro medicine is not a miracle. It is based on sound scientific principles.

We are dedicated to encouraging excellence through the highest possible integrity and concern for all people, offering products and services that provide significant beneficial results, while maintaining a high degree of safety.

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