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Who We Are

Not heard of us, what product we sell not sure if it is even effective? Here at The Microcurrent Site Ltd we offer a clinically proven, NHS approved, drug-free solution to Anxiety, Insomnia, Depression & Pain. All of this delivered through a small, phone-sized handheld device called Alpha-Stim®.

How does Alpha-Stim® work?

Alpha-Stim® uses Microcurrent Therapy methods which have been clinically trialled and proven effective since the early 1980’s in USA. The treatment method Alpha-Stim® adopts is Cranial Electrotherapy Stimulation (CES), which alone has adopted many forms dating back to the early 1960’s. Alpha-Stim® delivers this therapy through a set of earclips (Anxiety, Insomnia & Depression), along with probe pens & sticky patches (Pain Management). Being researched over 100 times, along with many successful trials by the NHS in recent years, it makes the Alpha-Stim® the most researched device of its kind on the market today.

From as little as a 20 minute daily session, you can begin to see cumulative results, sometimes even immediately. The treatment is drug-free and natural, therefore no chances of receiving any of those dreaded side-effects you see from prescriptions – even the treatment itself is painless!

Dr David Smart, who works with the NHS and runs the General Practice Alliance in Northampton says; “During my thirty-year career as a local GP, I have seen the severity of impact symptoms of anxiety can have on people’s lives, and how common anxiety disorders are. Antidepressants and talking therapy treatments aren’t always acceptable or effective for everyone, Alpha-Stim AID offers an additional therapeutic option. Patients now have additional choice to use something that is accessible, effective, and simple to use at home.”

Sinead Galvin, an administrator for Spring Health says; “I’m really proud to be part of a project that offers people new choices and innovative ways to look after their mental health. The positive results and feedback from the people who used Alpha-Stim AID during the research project surpassed my expectations. I had no idea that a piece of equipment the size of a phone, could have such a big impact on people’s lives.”


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Begin your journey today from as little as £10 a week!

Wanting to get started and see if the Alpha-Stim is the solution to your symptoms? There are several purchase options available to you, such as a weekly hire, monthly installment payments or trial with the comfort of a 60-Day Money Back Guarantee.

Courtesy of our partnership with PayItMonthly, you can spread the cost of the Alpha-Stim over 12 interest-free installments, no quibble, no extra deposit required. Spreading the cost means you an acquire a device for less than £43 a month, less than it would cost you to book an appointment with a specialist! This can be made even cheaper if you decide to alter the extra deposit amount, you are in charge of what you pay. Feel free to have a look through the agreement steps by clicking the relevant model picture below